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Nasa baut ein neues Raumschiff

Nasa baut ein neues Raumschiff es soll in wenigen Jahren fertiggestellt sein und Uns zu anderen Planeten ausserhalb des Sonnensystems fliegen =) Es wird von einem Electric Propulsion Triebwerk angetrieben


Very interesting news here from NASA, using a new form of „electro magnetic propulsion“ NASA plans to build a starship to travel between „alien worlds“. But i mean seriously how is this possible in years??Are we really be looking at back-engineering in progress?…

A SENIOR NASA official has promised to deliver a spaceship that will travel between alien worlds „within a few years“.
Speaking at a conference in San Francisco on Saturday, NASA Ames director Simon Worden said his division had started a project with Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency called the „Hundred Year Starship”.
The project was kicked off recently with $1 million funding from DARPA and $100K from NASA and hopes to utilise new propulsion ideas being explored by NASA.
Star Trek fans, prepare to get excited – electric propulsion is here, according to Mr Worden.
“Anybody that watches the (Star Trek) Enterprise, you know you don’t see huge plumes of fire,“ he said.
„Within a few years we will see the first true prototype of a spaceship that will take us between worlds.”

Mr Worden said the space program was „now really aimed at settling other worlds”. Hier geht es zur Quelle


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